Methadone Rehab

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Methadone Rehab

Methadone rehab programs offer patients a safe, clean and secure environment where they can detox, receive counseling and therapy and be monitored with a quality after-care program that will ensure their greatest possible chance of making a full recovery from methadone addiction.  Various types of methadone rehab exist but most fall into one of two categories: inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab.  Each of these types of rehab has its own benefits.

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Treatment Options

Inpatient Methadone Rehab

The most significant level of monitoring and support is provided by inpatient methadone rehab centers.  These facilities provide around-the-clock medical monitoring and support for the patient while he or she resides in the center for a period of 90 days or more.  During inpatient methadone rehab, individual and group counseling sessions are provided to assist the recovering addict with coping methods, learning about their addiction and the ways to overcome it, and also in reintegrating on a social level.

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Meals, exercise programs, and therapy are offered at inpatient methadone rehab centers.  Therapy most often consists of either behavioral therapy or some forms or methods of alternative treatments such as massage therapy and acupuncture.  Many methadone rehab centers do employ various alternative treatments to assist patients in the detoxification and recovery process.

Outpatient Methadone Rehab

For those who have a relatively mild addiction to methadone or who have already successfully completed an inpatient methadone rehab program, outpatient rehab provides a continued method of treatment that can prove to be very effective.  Outpatient methadone rehab does not provide housing or meals for the addict and they do not offer around-the-clock monitoring as the patient will return home to their normal routine after completing their daily or weekly therapy session.  This type of rehab is effective for many recovering addicts, especially those who take suboxone in conjunction with their planned therapy and counseling sessions.

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What type of Rehab is Best?

Depending on the level of ones addiction, inpatient or outpatient rehab could be beneficial.  For those who have very severe addictions to methadone, inpatient rehab is the preferred choice of treatment.  For those who have mild to moderate addictions or for those who had a severe addiction but have already made their way through inpatient treatment, an outpatient program is ideal.  Regardless of the type of program you choose, both will include counseling and therapy that can be very effective at helping you to cope with urges to use methadone, avoid relapse and triggers that may result in relapse and ultimately live drug free.

Need free or low-cost treatment? Find free, state funded or low cost treatment options.

Treatment Options
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