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Withdrawing from Methadone

The primary reason that most addicts find themselves slipping back into the hands of methadone addiction again and again is because they do not like or want to cope with the feelings that come when withdrawing from methadone.  Methadone is a powerful drug that creates a very strong physical dependence which means that when the drug is no longer used, the withdrawal symptoms that are felt are equally as powerful.  Withdrawing from methadone is very uncomfortable and some proclaim that methadone withdrawal was the most difficult thing they ever went through.

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Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are many treatments and remedies available for those who are feeling the pains and discomforts of methadone withdrawal.  From medications that will counteract the opiate such as Suboxone to simpler medications that are used to treat stomach upset or mild pain, there are a range of optional medications which can be sough either over-the-counter or via prescription to assist with methadone withdrawal.

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In addition to medications, various alternative treatments may also prove effective at helping the patient to cope with methadone withdrawal.  Withdrawing from methadone may lead the patient to feel achy and have pain in the bones or joints.  Stomach upset, abdominal cramping and nausea are also common.  Alternative therapies such as acupuncture or massage therapy may work to alleviate some of these symptoms without the use of medication.

Timeline for Withdrawing from Methadone

The most important thing to remember when withdrawing from methadone is that these feelings will not last forever.  While the withdrawal symptoms may persist for a couple of weeks, most of the really difficult to cope with symptoms of methadone withdrawal will be gone within about 10 days.  The timeline may differ a bit depending on the level of methadone use prior to the withdrawal, the length of time that the drug was used and various other factors but in most cases, withdrawal symptoms will diminish rather significantly as time goes on and within a month or so, the pains and discomforts should be in the hindsight.

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